Paul Riedl "Quintessence" MCD (Extended Edition w/Bonus Track)


Some Notes Regarding The Original Release:

This material was originally commissioned for installation at the Rocky Mountain Record Show in Denver, Colorado in early 2023. The pieces were to be played on an endless loop throughout the weekend inside a prepared room called the Cosmic Cave: a private zone in which attendees could seek respite from the chaotic chatter of hundreds of people in a bustling warehouse battling multiple sound systems. Upon entry, becalmed listeners were invited on an immersive aural journey through the “Dawn of Cosmos” toward their own personal “Inner Sanctum” while surrounded by crystals, salt lamps and incense amid ample comfortable seating. The installation was a success, with patrons reporting sensations of deep relaxation and a feeling of reinvigoration after their experience within the Cave. With this in mind, these recordings are dutifully offered unto the greater Cosmos in the hope that you, or any listener, may similarly experience a brief glimpse of inner calm, and that this Mindfulness may radiate peaceful energy outward from you toward all aspects of our shared earthly lives.

1. Dawn Of Cosmos 29:42
2. Inner Sanctum. 29:55

3. Sleep Temple [Cloudscape VII]* 20:05

*Track 3 was produced during the same sessions as and later exhibited alongside Tracks 1 & 2, yet was left off of the original cassette due to its length. Subsequently released on another tape, Cloudscapes II, it is presented here as a bonus track for this professionally duplicated, hand-numbered MCD edition.

Headphones or stereos equipped for Spatial Audio are recommended.

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